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There are many eco-friendly ways to rid your home of pests. Professional Pest Control Supplies goes out of their way to find the safest, healthiest, and environmentally friendly products for insects and rodent control.

For do-it-yourself tips, rest assured you can use the same products the “professionals” do and save money.

We find education is key to understanding pest control, and we're happy to answer you questions concerning your pest problems.

There are products available that will help to sterilize the eggs of some species of insects to help stop reproduction.

Get to Know Professional Pest Control Supplies:

Pest Control With Green Friendly Products. Stop by 5302 NE 42nd St in Portland, OR or call Professional Pest Control Supplies at 503-286-5333 or toll-free 800-973-5364 to find out more details.

Interesting Facts

  • A cockroach can live for 9 days without it's head before it dies of starvation.
  • Houseflies taste things with their feet.
  • Termite queens normally lay up to 30,000 eggs in a day.
  • In the U.S. wasps kill more than snakes, spiders and scorpions combined.
  • Each year, insects eat one third of the Earth's food crop.
  • Cockroaches are known to carry such diseases as polio, typhoid, gastroenteritis and hepatitis.
  • Centipedes bite with their adapted front legs.
  • The black widow spider is nocturnal. It hunts and moves about at night. It is a very dangerous spider with venom 15 times more dangerous than that of a rattlesnake.

Pest Control Supply - Portland, OR - Professional Pest Control Supplies


Pest Control Supply - Portland, OR - Professional Pest Control Supplies

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