Eco-Friendly Pest Control in Portland

The only way to make a pest problem even worse is to try and fix it with a load of dangerous chemicals and hazardous materials! Instead of subjecting your home to the dangers of VOCs and other pest-control poisons, consider the many benefits of eco-friendly pest control products in Portland, OR.

  • Less environmental impact
  • Products have a much broader usage label
  • Safe to be used around children and pets
  • Safe for use throughout the home, on various surfaces

Professional Pest Control Supplies will help you defuse your pest problem without resorting to dangerous products and chemicals. We invite you to visit our store to gain access to a full range of eco pest control supplies in Portland, OR, as well as the invaluable knowledge needed to put them to good use.

We retail everything from general sprays, to child-safe lice treatments, to locking rodent stations and much, much more. No matter what type of pest you’re dealing with or what the extent of your invasion is, we’ve got you covered.

Product Classes

man helping a womanPest control products are divided into four categories based on health, safety and environmental impact—caution, warning, danger and restricted products. Those with caution labels feature the most environmentally friendly rating and are often safer than many basic home cleaning supplies! We sell only non-chemical, caution label products and do not carry any warning, danger or restricted-use products. Most pest problems can be solved with a non-chemical or a simple caution label product!
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A Smarter Way to Get Rid of Pests

Your home and property can be pest-free without your having to resort to the harsh, dangerous chemicals in most commercial pest control products. Let Professional Pest Control Supplies introduce you to eco-friendly solutions that are right for your situation! Visit us today to browse our selection or give us a call at 503-286-5333 to learn more about how to deploy these products effectively.

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