Pest Control Products in Portland

pest control productsPest problems never resolve themselves and they’ll quickly get worse if you don’t treat them properly. This means using the right products—ones that will get the job done, without harming your home.

Professional Pest Control Supplies is here to bring you everything you need to say goodbye to unwanted guests, including bait products and pest control sprays in Portland, OR.

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Instead of spending big bucks on exterminators or using dangerous chemical products, save money by taking on pests yourself! We supply you with the right products to rid your home or property from the pests that have invaded it. But, above all, we want your home to be safe for your family, children and pets. Our products include:

  • Broad spectrum products
  • Knockdown or kill products
  • Residential protection products
  • Bait products
  • Eco-friendly pest control products
  • Child and pet-friendly control products

Whether you’re dealing with destructive carpenter ants or you’re battling a growing drain fly problem, we’ve got the products you need to stop pests in their tracks and get rid of them for good. In addition, we also sell pest control equipment in Portland, OR.

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pest controlThe best way to deal with your pest problem is to get to know more about what you’re dealing with. At Professional Pest Control Supplies, we’re happy to share our expertise with you! We’ll help you understand what you’re up against and can recommend the right products for your unique situation. We’ll also provide you with tips on how to break the infestation-reproduction cycle, so your problem doesn’t keep coming back.

Call 503-286-5333 or stop by our store today to find out more about our pest control supplies and the best ways to apply them. It’s time to take back your home—Professional Pest Control Supplies is ready to provide the products you need to do it!

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